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    High performance and easy to use are the hallmarks of the TKM-707 marine SSB transciever. Outstanding specifications along with 150 watts RF output make the TKM-707 the right choice for the mariners everywhere. The 2182 kHz Emergency Alarm and all US Coast Guard requirements for commercial vessels give the TKM-707 the competitive advantage. With expandable Amateur band capabilities, this outstanding radio is a clear winner for both pleasure and commercial marine applications. The hidden direct frequency input keypad gives the TKM-707 complete programming versatility.


150 Watts RF PEP output
2 MHz through 27.5 MHz marine band coverage
Expandable for Amateur Bands
500 kHz to 30 MHz General coverage receiver
198 Memory Channels/195 ITU Channels
2182 Emergency Alarm
VFO scan
Built-in Clarifier
Large VFO control
Selectable power output

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