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    From the "cool-blue" LCD panel to the "five-in-one" programmable memory, the TM-V7A is a stand-out performer. Easy to use and install, this transceiver has features you want already included like 147 memory channel visual scan with pause, built-in CCSS Encoder/Decoder and Duplexer. Features
Large, reversible LCD display
Dual receive on same band (f2), in simultaneous receive on VHF and UHF bands
Up to 280 multi-function memory channels (180 channels when using Memory Name function)
Memory name function. Identify each channel with up to 7 alphanumeric characters
"Five-in-one" programmable memory (store five entire operating profiles)
Guide Function
144 MHz/440 MHz
Optional VS-3 voice synthesizer
Optional remote head kits

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