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    Just hold the TH-G71A in your hand and it's immediately clear how well our new handheld tranceiver is engineered. The ergonomic design, illuminated keys and backlit display all combine to make operation a breeze. As does the menu mode, which allows you to customize the TH-G71A by adjusting all major settings to your choice. Besides being easy to use, it also boasts extraordinary power - up to 6 watts (VHF) or 5.5 (UHF) of RF output (selectable) with its high-performance antenna. The speaker provides powerful, refreshing clear audio. The TH-G71A is even built with a polycarbonate casing for rock solid performance outside as well as inside.

6W (VHF), 5.5W (UHF) at 13.8V DC
PC programmable FTP download
200 memory ch.with alphanumeric display
MIL-STD 810E (rain & shock)
CTCSS tone scan
Wide-range coverage(incl. Aircraft receive)*
DTMF memory (10 ch. Up to 16 digits)
Multiple scane modes
Key illumination
High-performance antenna
TM-V7A remote control (DTMF remote)

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