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Kenwood goes beyond the limits of what today's Amateurs expect from a radio. The TH-D7AG is equipped with a built-in AX.25 TNC for simple packet operation or to be used with a handheld GPS (NMEA-0813 compatible) as a full function APRS(TM) Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System. The TH-D7AG is capable of reporting exact position, speed and heading as well as calculation of distance to destination.

The TH-D7AG can also be used for APRS(TM) messaging to send up to 45 character messages through APRS(TM) or APRS(TM) Internet gateways without the use of a PC. Additional features such as advanced functions and capabilities with the VC-H1 Visual Communicator and HF SkyCommand operation with the Kenwood TS-570 D/S or TS-870S series radios are possible. The new unique jog/cursor key makes navigation through the TH-D7AG features a breeze. The TH-D7AG now makes DATA communications simple and easy.



144/430 MHz operation
5.5 WATTS @ 13.6 Volts
Built-in 1200/9600 baud TNC
Built-in APRS(TM) operating software
Dual RX on the same band for voice and data (VHF only)
Large 12 digit x 3 line dot matrix display
200 memory channels w/ 8 character display
PC Programmable for frequency and name (PG-4W required)
16 backlit keys (laser cut from inside)
Built-in CTCSS encode and decode
MIL-SPEC 810C/D/E water resistant
10 channel DTMF telephone auto-patch memory
Monitor DX Clusters
TM-V7A and TM-742AD DTMF Remote Control
VC-H1 Visual Communicator advanced control operation
Uses the same accessories as the TH-G71A

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