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Czwartek, 28 wrzesień 2023

Dużej prędkości modem radiowy

   Now you can connect to the Internet up to 100 times faster than a dial-up connection. Belkin networking products give you an exciting way to bring the experience of high-speed cable Internet access to your PC and home network. Simply connect your Belkin High-Speed Cable Modem to your cable line and to your PC, through either the USB or Ethernet connections. The easy setup gets you online quickly, so you can begin downloading files and streaming music or movies right to your desktop. Using your modem with a Belkin Cable/DSL Gateway Router allows you to start sharing files and Internet access, and to join online multiplayer games easily. Be sure to check out complete sharing solutions from Belkin, at http://networking.belkin.com.

• Delivers high-speed Internet access through your cable source 
• Ensures Quality of Service (QoS) enhancements to deliver your data accurately at high-level network speeds 
• Offers DOCSIS* 1.1 certification and DOCSIS 1.0 compatibility 
• Installs easily through Ethernet or USB interface 
• Provides data security with LAN disable button 
• Keeps you connected to upgrades and advancements provided by your cable Internet Service Provider (ISP) 
• Saves desktop space with vertical footprint 
• Installs easily to your cable Internet connection 
• Offers Plug-and-Play USB and Ethernet connectivity 
• Provides the first step in building your Ethernet or wireless network 
• Offers DOCSIS* 1.1 certification and 1.0 compatibility

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