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Czwartek, 28 wrzesień 2023

Radiowy serwer druku

   The Belkin 802.11g Wireless Print Server lets you easily add two USB printers to your wireless, or wired network.
It features 802.11g technology that makes sending print jobs faster than ever, and includes a memory buffer that handles your graphics jobs effortlessly.
The Print Server is so easy to install, you'll be printing in minutes. Simply load your printer drivers on each computer, run the Belkin Easy Installation CD, attach your USB printer to the Belkin 802.11g Wireless Print Server and you are now free to print wireless from around the home or office. It is also compatible with wired networks through it's integrated Ethernet Port.
Compatible with most USB, network-ready printers, and major operating systems, your 802.11g Wireless Print Server from Belkin delivers even your most data-intensive print jobs with maximum speed and reliability.

• Connects 2 USB printers to your 802.11g or 802.11b wireless network 
• Works with the top-selling laser, inkjet, Bubble Jet™, and color printers  
• Sets up easily with the included Belkin Installation Wizard 
• Offers seamless printing from both Ethernet and wireless connections 
• Works with all IEEE 802.11b-compliant equipment

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